Mancini was born on July 20, 1960 in German-speaking Switzerland to immigrant Italian parents.

He attended the Faculty of Architecture in Florence and graduated in 1988 under the tutorship of Adolfo Natalini.

In 1983, during his university education, he exhibited his work at the art exhibition gli allievi di Adolfo Natalini at the Vivita gallery in Florence, and in 1985 he took part in the international competition The Concord Gallery to Hockey & Caro in London.

In 1989 he become a member of the Ancona register of architects and worked in Senigallia’s Atlantis Atelier of Architecture where he became a freelancer dealing with architectural design, interior design and architectural barrier design. He also designed and produced some residential complexes, single-family buildings, villas, designs for property renovation, public buildings and shops. He participated in numerous competitions including the Reconstruction of the Rue de Laeken in the centre of Bruxelles in 1989, where he was selected from 24 European architects who had been invited to carry out Il progetto impossibile (The impossible project) in Parma in 1991; Bucuresti 2000 in the 1996; and the Realizzazione di nuovi interventi residenziali nella corona urbana di Bergamo (Construction of new residential interventions in the royal city of Bergamo) in 1997.

He worked for the Municipality of Senigallia to design the Sectorial General Plan of the Sports and Recreational Structures and the requalification of waterfront to the east of the city.

He has also been active in the field of design, and participated at the exhibition Incanti to the Fortezza da Basso in Florence and at the Progetti e territori (Projects and Territories) as part of Abitare il tempo exhibition in Verona.

In 2014 he participated at advanced training to design and furnish innovative entertainment spaces, “Ho.Re.Ca design” (Hotel, Restaurant, Caffè), Polytechnic University of Milan.